Daniel has grown up in a small state of Germany, called Saarland, at the very Western border of the country.
He was educated musically before entering nursery school. After, he was first taught his first guitar lessons by his mother, who were a conductor of a guitar and mandolin orchestra in that region.

At the age of six, he was introduced to Herbert Zimmer who became his new guitar teacher for the next eight years. During this time, he participated several seminars and classes at the federal academy of performing arts in Saarland and he made first successful experience at regional music competitions. As he continued his classes, he was proposed to apply for juniors studies in guitar at the music conservatory of Saarland by Stefan Jenzer in 2000. Following his advice, he was introduced to Prof. Ansgar Krause by his mother one year later. Giving a prelude, Daniel received a call that is they will prepare together regarding the entrance examination of the music conservatory. He succeeded the examination in 2003. Classes continued with Ansgar Krause for another four years
until he has moved to Munich.

As a student at the music conservatory, he made national and international experience by participating guitar and music festivals, taking master classes with Stefan Jenzer, Roberto Aussel, Prof. Thomas Müller-Pering and others.
He gave his debut concert with the age of eighteen, one year before he has finished high school.
After graduation, Daniel decided to move to Munich regarding the studies of physics. Thus, the period of working with Ansgar Krause was ending gradually, but he continued working with the guitar. Arriving in Bavaria in the end of 2007, he was working with Matthias Kläger, being the associate at the conservatory of music and theater of Munich, for around one year. His education was completed by participating seminars in this time.

Going to Kyoto (Japan) for exchange, Daniel played the guitar for students at Kyoto University, completing his trip with a Christmas concert. His Travelling continued to Merida (Mexico) and back to Tokyo (Japan) where he was invited to held concerts in the city theater, music communities as well as for several preludes.
On his way going around, Daniel met the vocalist Christian Bauer (tenor) and both starting working together in 2011. After graduation from TU Munich in physics, he goes for the first concert trip, now.