Inspiration. Motivation. Impressions. Actions. That’s what our life is made of, that’s what makes us working and makes us expressing ourself. The concerts are to create a mood, creating a world where we share the impressions, where we express emotions. We don’t need to hide, we need to accept and respect each other.

My motivation is to create, to invent and to connect. My inspiration is to be happy.
That’s what we should be and that’s why we are doing music. Music connects each other, through music we understand each other and through music we talk to each other. This tour has in mind to get people together and it does not matter their history, it does not matter the ethnic background, color or anything else. Everybody is invited to have a great time to get together!

Getting on the concert trip to Asia in cooperation with so many people is incredible fantastic. I appreciate the willing of all the people to get this working and I am excited for the show and meeting you there.